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A list of LPJ-GUESS publications is available here.

Basic references

Publications referring to LPJ-GUESS or its results should in general cite Smith et al. (2001) as the basic reference. The online appendix of that paper, with other references cited therein, fully describes the original implementation. Plant physiology, canopy biophysics and soil biogeochemistry components in the original version of LPJ-GUESS are in common with the model LPJ or LPJ-DGVM as described by Sitch et al. (2003). All but the very earliest studies include the modified hydrology scheme of Gerten et al. (2004). LPJ-GUESS version 2.1 includes updated PFT parameters and other modifications documented in (for global PFTs) Ahlström et al. (2012) or (European PFTs) Hickler et al. (2012). LPJ-GUESS version 3.0 includes an interactive nitrogen cycle and other major revisions, documented in Smith et al. (2014). Managed land functionality, included from version 4.0, was first presented by Lindeskog et al. (2013).

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Model description template

A non-comprehensive example of how LPJ-GUESS version 2.1 may be described in the Methods section of a scientific publication. Free for use with or without modification (copyright waived).

Schematic graphics

A PowerPoint file containing various model schematics. PDF version here. Free for use, no citation required.

Popular science description

A popular science-style introduction to help students and newcomers to ecosystem modelling familiarise themselves with some basic elements and concepts. A bit out of date now. Not to be cited.