General enquiries and requests from new users

Please check the FAQ, online resources, and downloads first before contacting us. We try to be helpful but have limited time or resources to respond to general or technical questions, or to help new users get underway with the model.

Contact release managers Johan Nord, Stefan Olin [click for email address]

Contacts for specific model versions/components
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Wetlands, permafrost, methane, Arctic PFTs Paul Miller
Crops, managed forests, land useMats Lindeskog
Nitrogen cycleDavid Wårlind
Plant BVOC emissionsGuy Schurgers
Wind and insect disturbanceFredrik Lagergren
Wildfire disturbance and emissionsLars Nieradzik
European tree species, large grazers, paleoThomas Hickler
RCA-GUESS (regional ESM)Ben Smith
EC-EARTH (global ESM)Paul Miller