LPJ-GUESS Education

An educational version of LPJ-GUESS that may be installed and run on a Windows PC. It also works as a demo for prospective users to gain an impression of the capabilities and behaviour of the model. Not intended for research use. Download here.

LPJ-GUESS for research

The research version distributed under the Mozilla Public Licence 2.0 can be downloaded from Zenodo. See the list of versions below. Each version is available under a separate page on Zenodo.

Users are encouraged after download to notify us of their interest in the model. Just send an email to the release managers (Johan Nord, Stefan Olin) simply stating that you downloaded the model code and optionally one line about your research interest. This will allow us to notify you of new versions and of other news, including important bugfixes and patches.

In addition, another reason to be on our email list, is that a community server with a discussion forum and a wiki is planned to be set up. Stay tuned!

LPJ-GUESS research model release versions

Release Version Date Download Release notes
LPJ-GUESS 4.1.1 Current release 2021-10-13 Zenodo page 4.1.1
LPJ-GUESS 4.0.1 Past release 2017-04-10 Zenodo page 4.0.1
LPJ-GUESS 3.1 Past release 2015-04-28 Zenodo page 3.1

Other downloads

Page with older LPJ-GUESS versions and with supplementary accessories (utilities, fastarchive binary data format): here