A software package to analyse
time-series of satellite sensor data


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Please check out the Software distribution policy page before proceeding!

Before you can download TIMESAT, we ask that you first register as a user by filling out the registration form found at http://timesat.gis.lu.se/. After the form has been completed, the information you supplied will be reviewed (Note that this procedure can take some time, particularly during weekends, public holidays, and during the summer season (July-August)).

Provided that the information is sufficient and your intended use of the software is in accordance with our distribution policy, the password needed for downloading will be sent to you via e-mail.

Note: Due to a current change of web addresses the link in the outgoing mail message is incorrect. Please use the link supplied here: login page.

If you have forgotten the password or want to change any information in the user database, please contact Lars Eklundh via e-mail.

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