A software package to analyse
time-series of satellite sensor data


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Distribution policy

TIMESAT is a research tool distributed for free on the following conditions:

  • The software is the intellectual property of Per Jönsson and Lars Eklundh. It can be used for free for non-military applications.
  • Users of TIMESAT in work leading to scientific publications should quote at least our main publications (Jönsson and Eklundh, 2002 and Jönsson and Eklundh, 2004), see above.
  • Co-authorship of scientific articles should be offered to us in case we extend substantial help in setting up, modifying or running TIMESAT.
  • TIMESAT cannot be integrated with other software platforms without our consent.
  • TIMESAT should not be distributed or made accessible to others without our consent. However, teachers may distribute copies of TIMESAT to their students for classroom use.
  • We should be informed about the project or reasons for using TIMESAT.
  • We do not accept responsibility for any results from the use of TIMESAT.
  • We do not accept liability for any damages due to the use of TIMESAT.
  • We do not guarantee user support.
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