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Prof. emeritus Ulf Helldén, Int+46 46 222 8696, e-mail:

Research interests:


  • Land degradation/desertification, its driving processes and interactions with “Global Change, Climate and Biodiversity” focussing on Africa, Asia, South America, Mediterranean region and Iceland
  • System dynamic modelling of coupled human-environment dryland systems
  • Geomorphology/paleogeomorphology: Geochemical and physical processes interacting with bedrock landscapes.

Brandskär, Bohuslän, Photo Uh     

I am presently contributing to the EU research project DeSurvey (2005-2010) on a 70%- basis.

DeSurvey is an EU FP6 Integrated Project (IP) on desertification considering the interaction and importance of socio-economy, climate and landscape vulnerability to land degradation. The project started in March 2005 and is planned for a 5-years period. It includes 39 partners and covers geographic regions in the Mediterranean Europe, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, China, Senegal and Chile. The EU contribution is almost 8 million €.

I am participating in several of the modelling, remote sensing and GIS/geomatics modules and WPs and I lead DeSurvey Module 1.10: Project monitoring, evaluation, contingency planning and management.

Take a look at our DeSurvey research in Inner Mongolia, China: CLICK HERE !

My teaching:

I have been teaching at all levels and in many fields of Earth Sciences and Physical Geography over the years. My recent special lecturing interests focus on:

  • Assessment, monitoring and modelling of dryland dynamics
  • Geomorphology with a special reference to land degradation and desertification

Sahara, Tunisia 2001, Photo Uh

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