Meteorological Measurements in Demokeya, Kordofan, Sudan

Since 2002 have the department of Physical Geography and Ecosystem Science, Lund University, Sweden, together with Agricultural Reseearch Corporation (ARC, El Obeid, Sudan) made meteorological measurements in Demokeya, (North Kordofan) the Sudan (Demokeya in Google Earth). Site description:
Ardö, J. 2013: A 10-year dataset of basic meteorology and soil properties in Central Sudan, Dataset Papers in Science  (Download data set)
Ardö, J. et al, 2014:  Meteorological Measurements in Demokeya, North Kordofan: A Contribution to Climate Change Research Sudan Academy of Sciences Journal Special Issue (Climate Change), 118

The graphs reached by the links below describe all measured variables for the last 48 hours, the last week and the last month.  Data is downloaded every day and the graphs are updated every day.

Plots for all variables for different time periods: Last 48h, Last Week, Last Month

Thanks to Dr Ford Cropley for exellent enginnering and to MSc Hatim Abdalla for good maintenance and  support in Demokeya.
Useful IDL code for reading logger files (availble from GITHUB) was  provided by Andreas Christen.

/Jonas Ardö, Dec, 14, 2015.