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NGEN16 Biosphere-Atmosphere Interactions, 15 ECTS


Last Update: 2020-08-11


The course is scheduled for the first period of the autumn 2020, starting on 31st of August at 13:15. The course last day is Thursday 29 October. This year the course will be a mixture of on campus and distance teaching. The fieldwork will be limited, although we will try to do as many measurements as possible. The course schedule will be adapted following the changes needed for making parts of the course suitable for distance learning.

The course includes the theory behind different processes in the biosphere-atmosphere interaction, actual measurements in a field measurement campaign and an application of a distributed simulation model. This year the 2+5 days’ field-campaign will be limited due to working in smaller groups and in and around Lund.


Canvas will function as course platform. All relevant course information and much of the communication will be presented there.


Link to the Canvas-platform. Login with your STiL. The course will appear on your Dashboard as soon as you are registered in Canvas on the course.


Course book (besides recent research literature):


A.F. Moene & J.C van Dam: Transport in the Atmosphere-Vegetation-Soil Continuum


Cambridge Univ press. 2014; ca 600 kr. E-book is available.





NOTE: The course book is available as E-book directly from the Cambridge University Press home page. However, it is not sure for how long. It should be possible to download the chapters in pdf format from this homepage. The page is also given by the DOI:




Other useful books:


-          T. Foken, Micrometeorology; Springer 2008; ISBN 978-3-540-74665-2

-          Monteith & Unsworth, Principles of Environmental Physics, 3rd ed., Academic Press 2008; ISBN 978-0-12-505103-3





Harry Lankreijer, Sölvegatan 12, room 282, ICOS Carbon Portal


Thomas Holst, Sölvegatan 12, room 462a (4th floor)