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Welcome to the homepage of the thesis degree courses:


EXTM05 Master degree project, 30 ECTS

EXTL01 Bachelor degree project, 15 ECTS


The courses EXT05 (Master thesis project) and EXTL01 (Bachelor thesis project) are two LTH based courses, but are organized by the department of Physical Geography and Ecosystem Science (INES). The thesis written for those courses will be published in the series under INES. As the thesis is part of the your LTH-program, we tried to find a structure in the publication that follows the publication of a thesis at LTH in general, but the publication will also carry the name of INES.


Information and instructions regarding your LTH-thesis project can be found on the homepage with general information regarding thesis work at the LTH. Read this information before your start with your thesis:


Here or at the above given site you can download the manual published by LTH on thesis-project: ExjobHandbok.pdf

This link is to the English version. On the above homepage the handbook is also available in Swedish.



All students need to fill in a form needed to have your thesis-work registered for examination. The form can be downloaded here: BlankettOpposition.pdf




Instructions on how the finalize your thesis before publication in the thesis series at INES is given in the following pdf file: InstructionsLTH.pdf



Address for the seminar version


The seminar version of the report should be sent to:



The thesis, final layout


Below you find the links to word-files that can be used for the front cover and title page(s). Please adapt the text as needed, but try to keep the lay-out as much as possible.


Links to the needed files:


Front page (English version)

Framsidan (Svenska version)

Title page (English)

Titel sidan (Svenska)


Publication list (serieListLTH)



Upload of the thesis to LUP


All theses are published in LUP Student papers and the full-text versions are available in pdf-format.



You can have a look at already published theses from the LUP student papers database.

- Swedish version

- English version



Or search stepwise by ():

Go to LUP student papers homepage (English version)


For the time being, the theses are also available through the homepage of the Geolibrary.


Course coordinator: Martin Berggren (2019)